Are you struggling to get an Accounting job?

If you are finding it hard to get an accounting job, there are a few things you can start doing today to help you move things a bit faster. We have helped hundreds of people break through in their accounting Learn more

Are these 7 mistakes stopping you from getting your ideal Accounting job?

Here are the top 7 reasons why some people are stuck and unable to get an accounting job: Lack of confidence in their accounting skills and fear of being rejected by employers. Procrastination (putting things off till later). Lack of Learn more

Improve your debt collection

Do you find that despite your best efforts to charge customers up front and to plan for the worst, bad debts still cause major problems for your business? Many business owners find that continual late payments – and the ability Learn more

VAT Return process

There is a 5 –step process of completing a VAT return and the VAT return should be sent to HMRC for every tax period. A tax period is usually three months. Any payment of VAT that is due should reach Learn more

VAT – Some basics for you

What is VAT? VAT is a tax on spending. It is added to the cost of most goods and services supplied in the UK and Isle of Man by VAT-registered businesses and paid by the customer. VAT registered businesses can Learn more

The cause of lack & Poverty and how to avoid it.

I have interacted and known of wealthy people and the not wealthy. I have found out that the wealthy think differently from the not wealthy. The cause of poverty is poverty consciousness, poverty consciousness causes the person to see, hear, Learn more

Employees’ homeworking costs – The tax Issues

The legislation introduced in 2003 specifically allows payments made by employers to employees to cover homeworker’s additional household expenses to be tax free in certain circumstances. The exemption applies to payments made on or after 6 April 2003 for expenses incurred on Learn more

Targets, Forecasts & budgets

Planning is a key element to running a successful business. To get where you want to go, you’ll need a business plan. Most businesses don’t have any kind of plan. So, start with a simple plan that pinpoints what you Learn more