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This book is for you if you are looking for a job as a financial accountant or have just started working as a financial accountant in the UK.

Many companies are now hiring qualified individuals with accounting education, experience, and certifications to oversee the fiscal services within their companies.

This book is a definitive guide to the practical understanding of what a financial accountant’s job role really is and how to do it effectively in a small to medium sized business. Check it out for yourself.

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These resource is a practical experience guide that helps you understand and master Excels most powerful and dynamic function – Pivot tables and also VLOOKUP.

If you would like to enhance and improve your practical accounting analytical skills and knowledge and make yourself more competitive in the job market, then getting “Advanced Excel for Accountants – pivot tables & VLOOKUP” will do it for you. It”

In today’s competitive accounting job market, Pivot tables is a skill you need to know.

Many of TD&A trainees already have this book and many of them have been able to get jobs in accounting that required knowledge of pivot tables.

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submit a VAT return (UK) to HMRC in 5 easy steps.

In very little time you will be able to successfully submit a VAT return to HMRC.
This book has screenshots and guidance notes on how you will exactly go about preparing and submitting the return using both HMRC software and Sage 50 Accounts software.

Correcting errors in your VAT Return after you have already submitted it is also explained and illustrated in this book.
If you are going to be VAT inspected, there are tips and guidance notes in this book on how to successfully manage a VAT inspection.

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If you want to learn how to file yearend/annual accounts to HMRC, then this book will be perfect for you.

Each step is illustrated with coloured screen shots in a step by step process of what to do when filing yearend accounts with HMRC.

The simplicity of how the book is laid out makes it really easy to follow when you are filing your yearend/annual accounts to HMRC.

If you want to be trained by a professional Chartered Accountant on how to do accounting tasks from scratch and gain experience in working as a financial accountant, management accountant, tax accountant, accounts assistant and bookkeeper, you can book an appointment by clicking here

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