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If you are looking for an accounting job and are struggling to get one due to lack of practical work experience or are just unsure what to do next, we might be able to help you.

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Here is what some of our past trainees said about their work experience at TD&A

Many of our trainees include ACCA students & Affiliates,  AAT students, CIMA students/Affiliates, university students and graduates in accounting and also those who are already working but want more in-depth practical experience in accounting to move their careers further. Many of the students & graduates secured job interviews and even jobs after the work experience at the firm and were indeed very glad to have come to TD&A to enhance their accounting skills and experience.

You will be given a professional reference and a competence certificate from our firm after your work experience and also helped with job interview tips and career guidance.

If you are free today (other than Sunday), you can actually pop in to our office (we are based in Canary Wharf London)) and see for yourself how the work experience is done – live in action and also have the opportunity to speak to some of the trainees and staff about their experience at the firm. Just click on the tab below to book an appointment or call 02070388336 (Mon – Fri: 8:30am to 4:25pm). If you are going to pop in, please let us know so that we can inform reception to prepare a security pass for you otherwise you might get delayed trying to get security clearance.

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UK practical work experience in Accountancy programs - all done in our office in Canary Wharf London.

Accounts Assistant

Areas covered within this work experience include:

  • Sage 50 Training – fundamentals
  • Classification & analysis of financial documents
  • Account opening balances
  • Inputting, matching, batching & coding of invoices
  • Processing & allocating payments and receipts
  • Processing payment runs
  • Payroll journals
  • Bank Reconciliation in Sage and Excel
  • Aged debtor analysis,
  • Managing Petty Cash
  • Director loan account
  • Systems you will use: Sage 50 or QuickBooks, and MS Excel
  • Preparing accounts to Trial balance
  • Error identification and correction
  • Control Accounts
  • Clearing the suspense account
  • Preparing quarterly VAT returns
  • Anti money laundering compliance awareness

For details on how to get started, Call 020 7038 8336 or email:

FREE Accounting Job Top Tips

To get a FREE copy of our resource about Top tips on how to intelligently apply for a job with a great degree of success, just complete the details below.

Financial Accountant

Here are the practical skills you will learn in this work experience:

  • KPI analysis & reporting
  • Financial data analysis using pivot tables
  • Trial balance analysis & corrections
  • Month end & yearend adjustments: Accruals, prepayments, depreciation, capital allowances
  • Control accounts reconciliation (Debtors, Creditors, Bank, Wages)Adjusted Trial balance
  • Credit Control system
  • Producing Balance sheet & profit & Loss account
  • Producing cash flow statement & statement of changes in equity
  • Tax planning basics
  • Capital allowances calculation
  • Adjustments to trading profit
  • Completing the CT600 & companies house a/c’s
  • Cash flow projection
  • VAT return reconciliation
  • CV preparation guidance, support & Job success strategy
  • Pivot tables

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Advanced Excel - Pivot Tables & VLOOKUP
In the workplace, Excel is one of the most commonly used analysis and reporting tools.

If you are being turned down for accounting jobs because you lack Pivot tables and or VLOOKUP practical experience, here is an opportunity for you to solve that problem once & for all.

Prior knowledge of of Excel to intermediate level is recommended.

Here is the structure:

The approach in this training uses a teaching technique that enables you to master the most fundamental features of Pivot Tables & VLOOKUP relevant to your role as an accountant and you will be able to do that in a fraction of the time needed when learning from conventional text books. Here are some of the unique features of this book:

  • The steps are carefully structured with coloured screenshots & illustrations.
  • Skills taught in the context of real accounting and business problems.
  • The layout is presented on a one to one basis. It’s clear with detailed explanations.
  • The presentation style allows you to learn only the skills that are essential to you as an accountant.
  • There is a practical hands-on involvement – not just theory.

This step by step guide for Pivot Tables & VLOOKUP will enable you to master Excel’s powerful and dynamic functions relevant to you as an accountant helping you make yourself more marketable to employers & recruitment agencies. Get started right away!

Please call 020 7038 8046 or email: to start gaining your work experience.

Professional Accountant

Financial accounting, Management accounting & payroll

There are usually four sections in a financial statement report:

  1. A Report by the Directors, giving a business review and their view of the company’s performance and prospects.
  2. A balance sheet, outlining the company’s financial position on the final day of the accounting period (the Yearend). Essentially, this shows what the company owns and what it owes
  3. A profit and loss account, showing the trading performance over the accounting period (usually 12 months). It summarises sales, costs and expenses, profits (or losses), and any tax provisions
  4. Notes, giving more details about the information in the balance sheet and the profit and loss account.

During this work experience training, you will be professionally shown and guided on the steps and ways to do all the above

To do this work experience at TD&A;

– You should be a finalist or Qualified ACA / ACCA or educated to degree standard in accounting and should be competent in preparing accounts to trial balance level.

– You must have working knowledge of preparing accounts to Trial balance level.

– Have high awareness of current technical accounting and reporting requirements under both IFRS and UK GAAP.

– Be computer literate with good excel skills and solid understanding of accounting software (Sage 50 Accounts) principles.

Here are the practical skills you will learn in this work experience:

Yearend accounts planning & technical work

  • Annual accounts record request
  • Annual accounts briefing meeting
  • Planning checklist

Key steps to perform during technical work

  • Technical completion
  • Accounts file index
  • Accounting working papers
  • Lead schedules: Accruals, prepayments, Debtors, Creditors, Tax, Fixed assets, etc.
  • Manager review of the accounts procedure.

Finalisation and submission of Accounts

 Yearend accounts reports

  • Directors report
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Balance sheet
  • Notes to the accounts

Annual accounts key ratios preparations

  • Profit ratios
  • Performance ratios:
  • Liquidity ratios
  • Activity ratios

 Managing payroll of a small to medium sized company.

Data analysis

  • Financial data analysis using pivot tables
  • VLOOKUPS & data validation techniques in excel

Business projections & performance appraisal

  • Cash flow projection
  • Ratio analysis
  • Breakeven analysis


  • Sales & operational budgeting

Investment appraisal & management reporting

  • Payback period analysis for investments & projects
  • Quarterly management account reports

To start gaining your work experience in Professional accounting, please call 020 7038 8336 or email: to enroll.

Tax Accountant

Tax accountants specialise in providing advice and guidance about taxation, including ways of managing tax liability and compliance with current legislation. They are concerned with interpreting and explaining taxation legislation to a wide variety of clients. Changes in the annual Budget and recent court decisions mean that tax law is constantly evolving.

Tax accountants must therefore keep abreast of legislative developments and continually review their technical knowledge in order to advise clients of efficient tax compliance, and in order to understand the implications of financial actions.

While numerical and analytical skills are crucial, the role of a tax accountant demands a high level of responsibility and reflection. The ability to communicate well is also vital.

The work experience at TD&A in tax accounting will aim to help prepare you for a successful career path as a tax accountant.


The practical skills you will learn in this work experience are:


  • Preparing a Self-assessment tax return SA100
  • Performing basic tax health checks for clients
  • Claiming tax refunds from HMRC
  • Practical introduction to Tax accounting & valued skills of a tax accountant
  • The basics of tax law
  • How to work with Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise
  • acting as an agent for a client – authorisation process
  • Business mileage record & general record keeping for tax purposes


  • Calculating CGT
  • Rollover relief claim
  • Gift relief CGT issues
  • CGT EIS deferral relief claim
  • Capital allowances calculation
  • Corporation tax return preparation & submission (CT600)
  • Preparing a VAT quarterly return


  • The paper work to have at hand
  • Board minutes for distributable profits
  • Director loan account record
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Dividend voucher & waiver


  • Preparation
  • What to do on the day
  • How to respond to HMRC queries after the visit

After doing this practical work experience in Tax accounting you will face accounting job interviews with a renewed sense of confidence and competence. If tax is what you like doing, we have it covered for you here at TD&A.

Here is what you need to do to start gaining this work experience. Please call 020 7038 8336 or email:

Trainee Management Accountant

Management accounting is more than just working with numbers and evaluating past financial performance. Management accountants evaluate both financial and non-financial information in an effort to improve the overall current and future performance of an organisation.

The information provided by management accountants helps management within an organisation to make decisions including, but not limited to, which products to offer, how to improve processes, whether to purchase new equipment or software, and how to improve customer relations.

In this  practical work experience training in Management Accounting, you will gain hands on practical experience on how to use financial and non-financial information together to aid in business decision-making You will gain insight into business management (planning, control & decision making) through analysing business performance and structuring cost management and control measures.

Prior knowledge of preparing accounts to trial balance is essential and you should also be very good with excel skills (at least intermediate level) – See the accounts assistant work experience training above 

 Here are some practical skills that you will gain in this work experience:

  • Financial accounting overview & relationship to management accounting
  • Budget development by using internal, micro & macroeconomic information
  • Breakeven analysis
  • KPI and Variance analysis
  • Cash flow projection
  • Financial data analysis using pivot tables
  • Balance sheet item reconciliations using lead schedules for: Fixed assets,Debtors, Creditors, Tax, Accruals, Prepayments, Reserves
  • Produce a set of management accounts
  • Business performance reporting

Jobs in management accounting are continually being advertised and you need to be well prepared do the job of a management accountant in a professional way and we can help you do that because we prepare management accounts for our clients. Now is the time for you to face management accounting jobs with confidence, come gain experience at TD&A.

Please call 020 7038 8046 or email: to start gaining this work experience.

VAT return preparation, reconciliation & submission to HMRC

This work experience is detailed step by step guide on how to prepare, reconcile and submit a VAT return (UK) to HMRC.

It is on a one to one basis and you will discover 5 simple steps you can apply in very little time to be able to successfully submit a VAT return in a very straight forward way.

You will also receive a full colour manual which has screenshots and guidance on how you will exactly do so go about doing your VAT returns and you will refer to it again and again.

You will be able to use both HMRC software and Sage 50 to submit your VAT returns.

If you made a mistake in your previous return and want to make corrections or adjustments in the current return, never-mind, the steps to do all that are illustrated in this work experience.

If you ever receive a message from HMRC saying they are coming for a VAT visit, this work experience has all the tips for dealing with that.

Here are the details of this work experience:

Location: 25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf London E14 5LQ

Structure: Hands on Practical Work Experience Training by experienced Accountant(s)

Schedule: One day session from 10:00am to 2:00pm Monday to Saturday. The choice of the day is up to you, you choose the day most convenient for you. 

Start Date: Start date is entirely dependent on you. It is a one to one training program, so you get to choose when to start and what days to come for other sessions too.

Requirements: You should ideally be a University Accounting student/graduate, ACCA, AAT student/Affiliate.

Payment terms: Click here or call the office on 02070388370 for details

To start gaining your work experience as a financial administrator, please call 020 7038 8046 or email: to enroll.

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