What do we do

We help support your business to grow

Over the years, our friendly, professional and affordable accountancy & business development service has helped many of our clients to focus and concentrate their prime time and effort on growing their businesses, maximising sales opportunities & increasing their profit margins instead of being bogged down with lots of accounting, tax and compliance paperwork.

Our Accountancy services include: Preparing year end accounts, Tax planning, management accounts preparation, Managing your payroll, Tax compliance, and Tax return preparation (Personal, Corporate & VAT). These services are provided by highly experienced and qualified individuals using the latest systems and technologies and thus saving you time, effort and money.

We help business owners create wealth, yes we do

Our financial services are geared towards helping our clients become more prosperous and successful in their businesses & personal lives.

That is a big claim to make, but we don’t mind making it because that is what we do and firmly believe is right to do and will continue to do.

We have a strong conviction that wealth creation is a right and not a priviledge for the few. If any person is serious enough to start a business for the good of the clients he/she is serving, he deserves to succeed and serve his/her clients with excellence.

You create wealth for the benefit of the many and thus help impact your local community by providing employment, suporting good causes and building the local economy where your business is based. Our role as accountants extends well beyond just doing accounts and tax planning but truly being involved in our clients wealth creation strategies to help them prosper and be more successful because we know deep down when they prosper with our involvement, good things happen to many people connected to our clients businesses and that makes us proud to be accountants with a difference.

Professional business advise & guidance

We believe that accountants can and must make more of a difference by supporting local businesses and start-ups to maximise their financial potential, helping them grow which eventually will help create jobs thus helping grow the local economies.

That is why we help you in two profound ways, completely free of charge with access to the following two types of help:

1. A free profit improvement review – designed to help you create an improvement action plan for creating more income and wealth, having a better work-life balance and generating more prosperity and jobs for the wider economy.

2. A free business start-up advise – designed to help those budding entrepreneurs get the fundamentals right first time before launching; things like: choice of business vehicle (sole trade, partnership or Limited company), Tax efficient start date, financing, tax efficient assets etc.

There is no catch of any kind, and no obligation to work with us in any other way after the free help. This is merely a genuine offer of help in areas that we feel the accountancy profession can and must do more about as part of its wider social responsibilities.

UK Practical work Experience training in Accountancy

This is for Accounting students and graduates who do not have practical work experience and would like to adequately prepare for the future or current job prospects by gaining some hands on one to one practical work experience in accountancy.

We have helped a number of ACCA students/Affiliates, AAT students, university accountancy students & graduates, and MBA students to gain UK practical work experience in the following roles in Accounting & Finance:

  • Accounts Assistant, Bookkeeper, Purchase & Sales ledger: 1 – 2 month practical training
  • Financial Accountant – professional: 2 – 4 Months practical training
  • Management Accounting – 6-8 weeks practical training
  • Year-end accounts preparation and filing of corporation tax return (CT600) with HMRC – 3 days practical training
  • Payroll Accountant – 1 month practical training
  • Tax Accountant – 1 month practical training
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