Practical Work Experience in Accountancy

If you are you finding it difficult to get an accounting job because recruiters are saying you don’t have sufficient UK work experience, TD&A Certified Accountants based in Canary Wharf London may be able to help you sort this problem out.

We have helped ACCA students/Affiliates, AAT students/Finalists, University Accounting Students & graduates and and even accounting professionals from EU, Asia and Africa to gain hands on practical work experience which has helped a lot of them secure accounting jobs.

If you think you might need help securing an accounting job soon, why not come and see how we might be able to help you. CLICK HERE to book a work experience appointment or click on the link below.Alternatively, you can also call 02070388046

Here is one of the accounting job roles we provide that is helping many people get into the job market. See whether it fits the areas you want to gain experience in. Click on it to see more details.

Accounts Assistant

There are also other job roles you might want to gain experience in like Financial accountant, management accountant, tax accountant which you can have a look at by clicking here

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